Friday, August 14, 2009

A PRIVILEGE OR A RARE Opportunity...?

YOLILIFE – The New “Super Juice” Kid in Town


The secret whisper campaign about a revolutionary new concept.
There is a whisper campaign going on right now that will soon become a roar. As with most stories like this… it is too powerful to be contained for long. The cat is already out of the bag so I won’t be talking out of school by divulging this information.

Also, I am sure I am not the first writer to bring this story to the public’s attention.But since Yoli is currently in VIP only PRELAUNCH and I'm one of the few "hand selected" members that are helping to launch this new company ... and you can join me at the very beginning of this great network marketing adventure

What am I talking about? Well I’ll tell you in a minute but first let me just say, it’s about a revolutionary new product line with a delivery system that will blow away the super juice industry.

But first a little background;

Anyone ever heard of Noni? Well you certainly have if you are in the direct sales / network marketing industry. Noni was the first big juice to hit the market through MLM sales. Noni became a giant company with billions of dollars in sales.

Noni is a great product and has made hundreds of distributors very wealthy. However, you can now buy Noni online… by the quart… for under $10.

Several top Noni reps left Noni and started Xango, another super food juice derived from the Mangosteen fruit. Xango reached one billion dollars in annual sales and was the fastest company in network marketing history to do so.

Xango is a great product and has made hundreds of distributors very wealthy.

Several top Noni/Xango and some other “juice” reps started MonaVie. MonaVie is another super food juice that uses the Acai berry and other ingredients. MonaVie was the fastest company ever to reach a billion in total sales. They did this in less than two years

MonaVie is a great product and has made hundreds of distributors very wealthy.
OK, get the picture. These super food juices, loaded with anti-oxidants are terrific products and if you were fortunate enough to get on board early you would have been in line to reap hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars in the wake of their legendary entry and rise in the marketplace.

What do Noni, Xango & MonaVie have in common?

The things that these three products have in common are as follows;

· They are all single product focused (although Xango has recently introduced a cosmetic line)

· They are all expensive products

· They have all created hundreds of 5 figure and 6 figure monthly earners in a short period of time.

OK, that’s a nice story and all Sade but tell me…how does it affect me?

Well, here’s how. If you are wise, you will take the information in this post and use it to your advantage. And if you act on that information, you could become one of the very fortunate who get in at the beginning of something very lucrative.

Here’s the deal.

**Several top Xango reps have left Xango and started a company called YoliLife.

Now understand this… we’re talking about the cream of the crop at Xango. Names like Cory Citron, Daren Falter & Robby Fender to name a few. Now these guys are not only top producers but they are also Network Marketing geniuses. They each bring their own unique marketing and management skill sets to the table.

They just recently set-up corporate headquarters in Salt Lake across the street from MonaVie, they also bought a five bedroom house for hosting guests who fly in.

Financial Backing millions and millions of dollars have gone into laying the groundwork. Most all of the founders/owners are moving to Salt Lake City to be close to corporate headquarters.

These gentlemen have putting considerable sums of their own money into this venture. Another co-founder I should mention here is Michael Prichard, a huge investor in Australia; for those of you not familiar with that name here, he is known as the Donald Trump of Australia.

So what makes Yoli different than all the others?

Four things vastly separate Yoli from the other super food juice drinks.

1. Yoli is NOT a one product company although its emphasis is focused on “liquid nutrition” and a ”functional beverage”. Yoli will bring multiple products to the marketplace.

2. Blast Cap technology a simple/cool/unique multiple-patented demonstratable delivery technology. By using this patented technology there will be NO pasteurization… NO preservatives… NO loss of nutritional value/enzymes/etc… NO sugar (ZERO Glycemic Index)
BlastCap technology delivers Whole Food - real-time - Liquid Nutrition… offering what Noni, Xango, and Monavie offer plus much more. To fully appreciate this revolutionary technology click BlastCap video link at the bottom of this page.

3. Price Priced at 1/10th the price with 10 times more nutritional value.

4. Compensation A binary comp plan that is better than MonaVie’s. (MonaVie’s is arguably the best in the business until now.)

Big names from a cross section of the Network Marketing community are taking a close look at this company. I personally know several from YTB and other giant Network Marketing companies who are already in.

What is the lesson… of this history lesson?

· Super food juice companies make those who get in early very rich.

· Noni, Xango and MonaVie have all done well but each one grew faster and created more millionaires than the one before them.

· Based on these trends/past/history, I believe Yoli will be larger than Noni, Xango, and MonaVie (put together)…will get there faster than any of them… and will create larger incomes. Those who recognize this and join early… like the founders did in Noni, Xango, and Monavie…will be sitting in very high clover… in the very near future.

Until next time,

Live the Dream

For more information on Yoli email Sade Powers

BlastCap Video click here:

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