Friday, October 31, 2008

I chose to Participate

Recently one of the most admired and accomplished writers of Self help, Personal and business developments of our time Chris Widener approached me to help proof-read his upcoming book among few selected friends,quite exciting initial thought is along the line of familiarity-"Self help", but guessing this may go beyond ..It's the title that captivated me..

Introduction:From the Author.

The characters and story are based on Jim Rohn and my characters from our best-selling book, The Twelve Pillars. You will get an overview of the Twelve Pillars early on in this book as well in case you haven’t read them before.

One last thought. The sub-title is very deliberate. You see, most books focus on achieving success. This principle you will learn here will go one better. It will make sure that you enjoy your success once you get there. Just open the newspaper on any random day and you will see people who have achieved fame and fortune who have gone down in flames. It is because they learned how to achieve success, but not how to enjoy or sustain it. That is the key. Get it. Keep it. Enjoy it.

I hope you will benefit from it as much as I did in writing it.

Check back for more updates as I review in days and weeks to come.

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Economy and You

Time to get serious and be the economy drifts and downturn and of-course lots of blame to go around, I 'll focus more on personal reviews and useful approaches, I 've had the last few weeks to reflect on the different traditional approaches most would take to make up for the inevitable, bottom-line,most will agree that the mindset or attitude will determine the altitude, sounds familiar..?
Economic ressesion is here...Wallstreet got their bailout, but lets talk about you and I ie, mainstreet I focus on how to take active, practical steps in stay in the balance , financially ...