Thursday, September 11, 2008

Brand Yourself To Win

Grow Your Business through Branding Yourself Author: Carlos Aponte, Jr.

What is it that differentiates winners from losers? The short answer: good branding. I'll be the first to admit that with the incredible ease of publishing websites and putting generic sales pages up on the internet, the web has become a virtual graveyard of broken dreams. Folks get excited, put up a website...and then wait for the money to roll in.

But with the explosion of generic websites, internet marketers, and online money making opportunities, it's critical to stand out or you'll have a difficult time getting visitors to your website, and even more difficulty making money. The key is to brand yourself, and do it well. You want to be seen as the go-to person in your industry. Folks need to trust you and believe that you are offering them something of incredible value. Sounds easy enough, right? Successful branding will create the perception in the mind of your prospects that there is no other product or service on the market, quite like your product or service. Keys to Successfully Branding Yourself

* It's important to keep your focus narrow. We cannot be all things to all people. And if we try to do so, we dilute our brand. Focus on doing one thing, incredibly well.

* What others say about you is much more powerful than what you say about yourself.
Each and everyone of us is flooded with commercial messages each day -- so your message must rise above the others and if you have testimonials that tout your unique or special talents, you'll have an easier time building a bond with your target audience.

* You'll need to be consistent. Consistently offer quality. People will come to expect it from you. And they'll respect you for it.

* Be real.
Share your experiences, especially the
mistakes. You want your brand to have a personality.
Sharing yourself with your audience will earn their

*Adopting the Right Attitude

Henry Ford, the historical business visionary that built
the Ford brand and helped to shape the auto industry, once
said: "If you believe you can do a thing, or you believe
you can't, you're always right." Brand yourself as a
winner. Believe that you can achieve your goals, and take
action to make them a reality. A successful mindset
accompanies every winning business endeavor.

A successful mindset accompanies every winning business endeavor.

Carlos Aponte, Jr. is a successful internet marketer, currently producing more than $1 million annually, and growing. Mr. Aponte has been featured in "Chicken Soup for the Network Marketer's Soul" and currently mentors hundreds of people each year to grow their business and achieve their dreams. He offers a complete training series entitled "Brand Yourself to Win" and the program can be found by visiting:

Thursday, September 4, 2008

We Found The Videos!

Well over 20 years ago, Jim Rohn revealed some of the most potent success principles known to man in a 2 day leadership weekend seminar. This presentation was recorded on video tapes and was meant to be used as a reference for the attendees of the workshop; just in case they needed a refresher course. But in the late 1980's they disappeared.

They have now been recovered and contain some of the most powerful success principles ever shared. In those tapes, Jim Rohn shared the secrets that helped him achieve millionaire status by the age of 30.
What Jim Rohn revealed on the videos also became the foundation of the many principles shared by world-class personal development gurus today, and his thoughts and ideas continue to be quoted (word-for-word) even after all these years!

To view some sample clips from this amazing event and also learn more about this lost footage go to:
To your Success!