Thursday, July 24, 2008

Multiple Streams of Income Simplified ..


This is Sade Powers with an important thought for you to ponder.

Is it really impossible to make money for free? Most would tell you so. But the old adage, “It takes money to make money” was stated long before the development of the Internet. Its true if you’re in real estate, but there are now infinite options available through the Internet.

This is nothing new of course. There’s no limit to the number of people with systems who will charge you anywhere from $70 to $3000 for their “industry expert secrets”.

You’ve all been there before. Some flashy page filled with promises, followed with a spot for your Visa Car Number, and you receive all of their “highly-confidential secrets” in the form of some long, complicated book, eBook, training course, or video series. So you’ve spent your money, and so far, you’ve definitely not gotten anything in return, other than continued promises that all of these things you just payed for will somehow materialize into that beautiful vacation home you’ve been dreaming of. Trust me, I’ve been there. Before getting into The SpiderWeb Marketing System, I looked into Reverse Funnel, Magnetic Sponsoring, The Renegade System, and its all the same pitch.

So now, you’ve got your eBook, video series, which you’ve paid tons for, and if you want any shot at making anything, you’re going to have to spend hours on your own trying to figure it all out. That’s not so horrible, to have to put in a little time and effort, but keep in mind, you’ve already payed a significant amount to get to where you are.

Then, maybe if you work really, really hard, and get really, really lucky, you’ll make some money. Congratulations. Now you just have to recover your investment.

There is an easier (and cheaper) way. There are programs and applications out there that are specifically designed to allow you to make money for just using them. Some of these include Direct Matches, Google Adwords, Commission Junction, and Global Domains International. Never heard of those? That’s because most people who know them will charge you hundreds to show you how to use them. But the SpiderWeb Marketing System was created as a way to put together all of these free systems, and provide a huge net of members that all benefit from multiple free systems, thus increasing the amounts of money that are being generated by these free systems.

There are free ways to make money on the Internet, and while they may be hidden gems, you certainly shouldn’t have to pay for the treasure map. Let The SpiderWeb Marketing System be your free guide:

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

22 Streams Of Income...?


Its me, Sade Powers, from good old , , here to tell you about yet another wonderful FREE aspect of The SpiderWeb Marketing System.

The SpiderWeb Marketing System is the most powerful marketing tool in the industry. Hopefully by now you will have begun to see that and reap the rewards of it.

In a previous blog, I discussed The SpiderWeb Marketing System Back Office, a powerful tool and the best available. Now, I want to talk about another thing that makes success even more attainable: The SpiderWeb Marketing Forum, or SpiderZone.

One reason that so many fail in Network Marketing is a lack of support. You might have experienced this before. You sign up into a system and one of a couple things happen. Your recruiter calls you and loves you and begs you until you put up the money, then they just about disappear. Or, perhaps your recruiter knows no more than you do, they just got into the program first, and now you are just as confused as they are. For me, . There are many other scenarios that you could encounter. Unfortunately, they have the same outcome. You are stranded in a new business with not much help in sight.

Enter SpiderZone forum. In the free system, you can have access to the member forum, where SpiderWeb Marketing members can post questions and ideas and discuss them together. If you are unsure about something, odds are that someone has experienced that before and would be able to help.

Success in business is all about relationships, especially when it comes to network marketing. The members of this program are important and there are others involved just like you who are willing to discuss their techniques and strategies that have worked for them.

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Saturday, July 12, 2008


Decision Making and Goal Setting: Think Big by Joy Cagil

When I was seven years old, someone from my family asked me whatmy goal in life was. I felt the answer was easy, so I listed ahorde of vocations including becoming the first woman wrestler."A vocation or the area you want to work in is not what I amtalking about," my relative said. "I am asking why you want todo what you want to do. It helps when we look for the reasons underneath our desires." Many years later, I realized that thisrelative was teaching me the true meaning of goal setting.

To this day, I ask the same question to young people I come incontact with and those whom I am in a position to influence. Itis surprising how many do not know the answer. They do not know because most of us live by chance, accepting or complaining about what the events push on our path, rather than living by intelligent choice.

To know what you want in life and why you want it leads to success. In all cases, the answer to the question "why" is moreimportant than the answer to the question "what." Once a personunderstands the "why" of what he wants, the next step of settingit as a goal is easy. Sometimes, when we find out the underlyingreason why we want something, we may also find out that ourreason is an artificial one. Then, we know this is the time toquit instead of working at something that would make usmiserable at the end.

We all make a faulty decision at one time or another, but if westop and think about our reasons, we can make corrections or letgo the project altogether. For example: as an initial emotion, Ifelt true pride when one of my sons, during the time he was inthe tenth grade, announced that he had decided to enter the USarmy after talking to a recruiting officer in school. Then, hecontinued excitedly, telling us he would be getting free collegeeducation. At that point, I asked him his real reasons. He couldnot answer. I told him, his father and I were in a position toprovide him with a decent college education; however, if hewanted to be in the army because--above and foremost--he wantedto serve his country and that he would do anything and face anyhardship to give the best service he could possibly give, then Iwould back him up one thousand percent and I would be very proudof his decision. Our son told us that the recruiting officer hadnot even mentioned the importance of service, but had focused upon the benefits the kids would be getting from the army. At that moment, I felt that this approach of recruitment was aninadequate one. Our children are honorable and intelligentenough to want to serve for the right reasons, whereas artificial motives can lead them and the army into failure.

There has to be deeper, more meaningful purposes for ourdecisions. When a teacher chooses teaching, he does not--mustnot--choose it because of the long summer vacation, but for thejoy of teaching and shaping young minds for a better world. A physician should not become a physician because he will beconsidered the cream of the crop and he will make more money than fifty percent of the population. This truth-seeking goesfor all professions, avocations, the mates and friends wechoose, and whatever options we face in life.

After knowing the deeper reason behind our goals, the stepsleading to achievement become much easier. Our potential turnsinto being our process and it prepares our goal for fruition bysetting time limits for each step, afterwards leading us toaction upon our decisions, to vigilance for opportunities, towillingness to make small adjustments along the way, and topersistence on our path.

Also, when we focus our energies on one goal whose importance isclear to us, we are better able to let go of anything that doesnot serve a positive purpose. Guilt, fear, the mind'schattering, the feelings of unworthiness, bad habits, the worryof what others may say are eliminated when we are aware of ourtrue purpose.

Making an intelligent and well-thought-out decision leads tosuccess, instead of jumping into action. A wise choice benefitseveryone instead of a bad, fast choice, because true winners aredirected from their insides, and those who are directed fromtheir inner beings find their true calling and a life welllived.

Article Source:">Decision Making and Goal Setting: Think Big

Thursday, July 10, 2008

What is Abundance

This is one of the topics of interest as I continue the pursuit of spiritual or personal evolvement .

Wealth and abundance are not obtained by chance. The universe bestows all its blessing, all its abundance upon a person, who follows its laws of love.
In the Bible it is clearly stated : "And He said to them, '...For truly I say to you, if you have faith the size of a mustard seed, you will say to this mountain, 'Move from here to there', and it will move; and nothing will be impossible to you.'" (Matthew 17:20)

What do you want from life?

Your personal mission development is crucial for your personal development. A personal mission statement will keep you on track, with your goals clear in mind.
Most people have only hazy ideas about their life. For sure, they want to be happy, rich,

beautiful, healthy, find a great partner...
Nothing wrong with that, but...

What does that all mean to you?

How does it look like in concrete detail, physically and - most important - emotionally? That will be a bit of a stretch for most of us.

We like to daydream about our glorious future, but deep in our subconscious we have, all too often, concluded that this kind of desired life is not appropriate for us. So we continue daydreaming and indulging in mirages without substance.
Get clear what you want, now!

Creating your personal mission statement is the first - and most crucial - step to deliberately attract what you really desire for your life.

You Deserve it All

The very first thing that we have to understand deeply, is that we deserve it all. That is the beginning of your personal mission development. If we are limited by low self esteem, our choice may be between bad and worse, but nothing to really get excited about.
There is no essential difference between successful people and unsuccessful ones but one.
And what is that?

Successful people are convinced that they deserve to be successful, whereas unsuccessful people tend to think that they are unworthy.
Forget all your conditioning, at least now for the moment.

What would you do, if you were God?

Okay, we have been warned by religionists all over the world and during all the centuries, how dangerous it will prove for our souls to claim being God.
And I agree. What kind of God is this, who would choose to suffer like anything, totally helpless and weak? Therefore, let's rephrase our statement:

What would you do, if you were LIKE God?

Does this sound better now? Eager to develop your personal mission development? Some cool ideas popping up in your mind?
In fact, we are not God, but we are like God. We are as spiritual and free and powerful as He is.

This is quite easy to understand by the following example. There is a thing called freedom. We all have an idea about the meaning of freedom, like being independent from other people, circumstances and so forth. But nobody can really claim that he or she is freedom in person or original freedom. We did not invent freedom. It is here, even when we sleep and forget all about it. As soon as we consciously reconnect with freedom, we are free. See? We are one with freedom and different at the same time.
What does that have to do with your personal mission development? A lot, I'd say, because it sets the scene.

You can have anything you want. The only prerequisite is that you have to beware of this fact. Not just know it theoretically, but deeply believe it. Your personal mission development is a life long unfolding of your original greatness. God has created you as powerful as He is Himself. In the Bible it is stated that man was created in the image of God. God is freedom, love, knowledge, power and bliss.

The more you acknowledge God, the more you are like God. The more you acknowledge

freedom, the more you are free

As God is the original freedom in persona, he will offer all facilities to the living entity, even to go against His will of freedom. But, of course, that has a negative impact: The living entitiy will loose its freedom and knowledge and in this way become dependent and helpless.
These are crucial things to consider in your personal mission development.

You can master all the secrets of creating a successful path to abundance with the right attitude. The first and foremost ingredient of success is your mentality. A perfect home based business can sometimes be really challenging, because there is no one telling you what to do. You have to decide for yourself, which way to go.

Should you use this promotional strategy or that, what to do first etc.? It even begins with choosing the right home based business opportunity. So many decisions will be required to run your home based online business. Well, there are numerous ways of building a successsful home based business! It is not always easy to choose the best home based business.

There is one rule: To do anything, even if it is faulty and far from expert, is much better than to do nothing at all. Don't be a perfectionist. This attitude will only lead to frustration and disappointment. No one in this world is perfect. Be lenient with yourself. I you can't stand making mistakes, then it would be better just to stay in bed or be lying down on your favourite sofa in front of the TV :-)

The fear of making mistakes is generally based on low self esteem. Mistakes are inevitable, because no one of us is omniscient or all-knowing. Nobody is perfect and if someone wants to convince you about his or her perfection, just know that this person lives in a lot of self imposed stress. Do what you can do in a happy spirit, and do not strive for doing more than what can be done without straining yourself too much.

Wallace D. Wattles, in his 1910 personal development classic "The Science of Getting Rich" has said: Do not bother as to whether yesterday's work was well done or ill done; do today's work well. Do not try to do tomorrow's work now; there will be plenty of time to do that when you get to it."

There are more successful home based businesses today than ever before. With the constant development and enhancement of the internet, more and more people are looking for successsful home based business ideas. Millions of people do already successfully live this dream and run a successsful home based business.

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