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Building bridges=Success..

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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Getting it Done : Effective Time Management

What is it about the rich that the average among us are still trying to figure out? Good question!

Time management: Most of us have heard that famous quote or sayings about 'You have the same amount of time as Michael Angelo, Mother Theresa etc" We've all been blessed with the same 24 hours a day! The real secret here is how effective we manage our individual time from the time we rise in the morning until the end of that day.

Planning and setting goals are very important way to start effective time management,in fact could be the key! Studying the subject from time to time, ome can easily implement these steps daily and ongoing..

Write down and keep a log of your short and long term goals, daily ,monthly and yearly .

Plan for each day. Each week and your monthly goals .For some people this is best done in the evening, when their energy is high and they can think clearly about what they have done on that day and what needs to be done the next day. For others this is best done first thing in the morning. Use whichever method, morning or evening, which works best for you. The important thing is to do it every day.

Achieving your long term goals which are usually associated with bigger visions warrants setting smaller achievable daily or weekly short-term goals.

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Accountability plays a big role in the successful goal setting leading to effective time management, having a mentor to hold one accountable for your goal, short or long -term can immensely contribute to proper time management.

Eliminate unaccountable time wasting activities, set a goal of how much time you're going to be spending daily on any or number of social networks, what are you trying to accomplish? new business contacts? re-establishing old contacts, it all comes down to how much time you're willing to invest each day, for any productive outcome..

Try these Tips for a month then re-evaluate your time management success.

Until next time.

Sade Powers.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Vibrant Health mindset Leads to Success

95% Of Health and Weight Loss Plans Fail to Achieve
Long Term Success Because They Omit the

Most Critical Ingredient of All

If ever you’ve flip-flopped between the actions you know make you feel better and those that sabotage your health, you’ve already discovered the impact of mindset.

  • It’s not an issue of self control.
  • It’s not that you’re lazy,
  • It’s not that you don’t already know WHAT to
  • And it's not that you’re deficient in any

You just haven’t established the right MINDSET
for success.

And it’s not just about positive thinking or appreciation or even thelaw of attraction, although all of these have a huge role in the
Vibrant Health Mindset.

When you create a powerful enough why,
the how falls into place!

The "Vibrant Health Mindset Success System” changes all that. 

Friday, July 23, 2010

Today's Inspirational Quote:

There are two parts to influence: First, influence is powerful; and second, influence is
subtle. You wouldn't let someone push you off course, but you might let someone nudge you off course and not even realize it.~ Jim Rohn
I think the leason here is; TAKE CONTROL of every area of your own LIFE!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Daily Inspirational Quotes:

"The confident also succeed in business, but not at the expense of others as do the arrogant... If what you’re seeking is lasting relationships, long-term success, and a better quality of life and in business , then you will be better served to forgo the pompous acts of the arrogant, and substitute the humility and quiet confidence displayed by true leaders.~Mike Myatt19

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Know YOUR Business...

Activity Matters Most
by Michael S. Clouse

Surveys have always fascinated me... Ask a few hundred people how they feel about this or that, and you can presumably understand the mindset of an entire nation! Indeed, polls are conducted daily to determine how we feel about politics, why we purchase certain products, and even what we watch—or don't watch—on TV.

All of this sampling got me thinking one day about the Network Marketing business we're in... For example, if you were to survey those already in the business, what would you ask them? What insights should they provide? And could any of this gleaned information be valuable to you?

Consider the following, and you decide...

Years ago I discovered that those who are deemed to be Masters in this "Networking thing" understand three simple truths about the business. Although you might hear these truths expressed somewhat differently from leader to leader, the underlying facts remain the same. For purposes of our discussion, we'll refer to these truisms as, "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three."

1. Know The Business You're In

Network Marketing is about three things:
a) Finding People to talk to—Prospecting.
b) Talking to the people you find—Presentation.
c) Teaching others to do the same—Duplication.

2. Understand The Rules

Regardless of how you present your business:
a) Some people decide to join—Some Will.
b) Some people decide not to join—Some Won't.
c) Some people decide not to decide—So What...

3. Get Better At The Game

Because everything in life is about who you become:
a) Work more on yourself than you do on your business.
b) Again, work more on yourself than you do on your business.
c) And again, work more on yourself than you do on your business.

I share this with you because for years leaders have been searching for a simple, highly duplicatable MLM system that new distributors could use to more quickly achieve success. And the most interesting part is, I now believe we've been overlooking the obvious for decades...

If it's true that in order to grow the organization, we need to contact people, involve them and teach them—and we do... If it's true that Some Will, Some Won't, and So What are all good things—and they are... And if we really need to be working on ourselves—our personal development—more than we work on the business... Well then, what could possibly be this simple shortcut to success?

To find the answer, conduct your own personal poll.

Take your census of the top 25 successful leaders in your company. Call them, text message them, or e-mail them—whatever it takes for you to get together long enough to ask three questions:

1) How were you introduced to the business—audiotape or CD, videotape or DVD, or through some event?

2) How would you describe the skill-set of the person who sponsored you?

3) Once you were introduced to the company, how long did it take to decide you wanted to do this business?

That's it!

And in case you're interested, here's what I've discovered...

Question #1 could easily provide you with 25 different answers, especially if you ask which audiotape or CD, videotape or DVD, or event they attended. Question #2 again, will probably provide a plethora of answers from talented to tolerable to terrible. Question #3 however, is the all-important key to your survey.

Because what the answers to this third question will reveal, are that leaders who make the most money in our industry—regardless of how they were introduced, and regardless of by whom—for some unexplained reason they "got it" and they "got in" right away... Those who build the largest organizations—same thing—they "got it" and they "got in" right away. And best of all (pay close attention here, because this is your simple shortcut to success) those you have yet to meet, those unnamed individuals destined to become leaders, they'll "get it" and "get in" right away too—almost regardless of what you know, say, and do—if you will just expose them to your business!

Imagine that! Activity matters most!

The beauty of this overlooked shortcut to success is knowing that in the beginning what you lack in skill, you can actually make up for with activity! Combine that belief with a proven MLM system for contacting new prospects, and your company's next great "Triple Diamond Star Fleet Commander" could easily be sponsored by you—again, regardless of your current level of expertise!

Now I'm not suggesting that you skip mastering "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three." Quite the contrary. Just because those fortunate few movers and shakers "got it" and "got in" right away, is no reason to miss sponsoring the masses who want to know everything about everything before they're ready to begin...

Therefore, if you truly desire to prosper long-term in this business, immediately begin to weave the golden thread of activity throughout your business tapestry—known to all successful leaders as "Network Marketing's Three Rules of Three"—and not only will you have an excellent chance of sponsoring that next mega superstar—you'll be able to keep them.

So what are you waiting for? Get something about your company—product, service, or opportunity—into the hands of your friends, family, and business associates right away....

Michael S Clouse

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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Quote of the Day

"'Sometimes our candle goes out, but is blown into flame by an encounter with another human being.'
-- Albert Schweitzer, Humanitarian"